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Teacher Training (1)

CELT-P (Primary teachers) / CELT-S (Secondary teachers) are rigorous and practical courses leading to a Cambridge English qualification. They help teachers motivate and engage learners and develop teaching quality. We believe that developing the skills of your teachers helps lead to better learning outcomes for your students.

The qualifications are designed to develop the classroom skills of practising teachers of English working in compulsory education. CELT-P is for teachers of primary students (6-12-year-olds) and CELT-S is for teachers of secondary students (11-18-year-olds).

Course Format

The courses are delivered through a blend of online self-study and face-to-face (online) learning, to make them accessible to larger numbers of teachers. LILA* and Cambridge English provide all the materials needed to run the courses.

The courses involve around 150 hours’ study in total. This consists of:

  • around 90 hours of online self-study
  • 30 hours of assessment (assignments and observed teaching practice)
  • around 30 hours of face-to-face training

Courses are usually run part-time over an academic year, but schedules are flexible. There are 3 elements to the assessment of these qualifications:

  1. Course completion, including satisfactory completion of Portfolio Tasks at the end of each module of study (CELT-P: 9 modules; CELT-S: 8 modules)
  2. TKT (Teaching Knowledge Test): Young Learners (for CELT-P) and TKT: Module 1 (for CELT-S)
  3. Assessed Teaching Practice Participants will receive

On successful completion, candidates receive the CELT-P or CELT-S certificate, as well as the relevant TKT certificate.


2020 Prices

Course Fees

£1050 / per participant (excluding TKT element which must be arranged by the student

Registration Fee


Further Details

Timetable Flexible
Minimum Age 18
Minimum Course Requirements Course participants need to have a minimum B1 English language level and be teaching classes of learners of the relevant age-group.
Maximum Class Size 20
Nationality Mix Multinational
Personal Tutor Available on request