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"You will never walk alone because LILA* is always with you."

At LILA* we love listing to student feedback and hearing about the experiences students have at the school. We wanted to share this student testimonial with to give you an honest opinion of what studying at LILA* and in Liverpool is like!

“I would like to begin by writing about amazing city of Liverpool where the one of the cheapest cities you can live in the UK. In addition, it is smaller than other most of the cities which it provides convenience that transportation in city centre so that it was the one of the reason why I chose here. Besides, Liverpool FC, Beatles and multi-cultural structure, of course. However, I must say that majority of local people here have their own accent which is called scouse so it was the negative effect on me at some point when I tried to communicate with them, but it is not big deal I am pretty sure you can cope with this. I almost forgot saying that night life is extremely charming here as well.
Let's talk about LILA* now. I was very nervous at first when I went to LILA* knowing everything would be new for me, but from my first day to last day everyone behaved amiable to me. Thanks to LILA* for besides, improving my English level with lovely teachers who are well-educated and support students without seeing tedium, I had so many friends all around the world who I practised on English apart from LILA*. In addition, there are a large number of events which are being presented by LILA* with a good bargain which you wouldn't be able to find on your own and I had a great experience which I have ever seen with these events. The final point I would like to make is infrastructure of LILA* web-site which you will be able to find many practising during your enjoyable studying at LILA* so that it would be very useful while you are improving your English skills just I did.
Overall, I believe that Lila will be the best selection for the other students who want to learn English in a good way and my motto would be 'You will never walk alone because LILA* is always with you.”

Denizhan Yunusoğlu – Turkish


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