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Study in the north of England

Why Study English Language In The North?

So many English language schools in the world provide excellent programmes that you might feel spoilt for choice, or even a bit overwhelmed, when deciding where to study. But choosing where to study English language is about more than just a great English language school, it's about the destination too. This can be the trip of a lifetime; make it right for you.


So, take a moment to think of your ideal destination and while you do, let me tell you about the little gem that is the North of England.


Visit the rest of the UK

Want to see it all? Well, you can. The North of England is perfectly placed to get to Scotland, Ireland and Wales, not to mention London and the south coast of England. Maximise your travel options and choose a location which is central to it all.


Visit the rest of Europe too

That's right. You get a lot of bang for your buck when you study in the North; it makes an excellent base to explore not just the rest of the UK, but Europe too. You can reach most European cities in just a few hours and you can pick up some brilliant flight deals on Manchester airport is a great hub for international travel with a train service that takes you directly to the airport from locations across the north.


There's not too many international students

The North of England, especially the cities, can offer the perfect balance of being friendly to international students yet have few enough to make the most of your immersive experience.


Northerners are a friendly lot

The old cliché is true, people in the north are just downright friendlier than those "down south". Worried about getting lost? Don't worry, anyone in the street would be happy to point you in the right direction. We're just nice like that.


Pick up the local lingo

You aren't travelling all this way to speak English from a textbook. Studying English in the UK gives you access to this wonderfully diverse language and the huge range of vocabulary available. There are few better ways to sound like a competent English speaker than to know local slang and you'll be " 'avin' bevies wi' yer mates" in no time.


Develop "the ear" for English

Many English language learners struggle with their listening skills and a recording is poor replacement for the real thing. The North offers a broad range of accents and dialects so it's the ideal place to experience some of the many forms of English that are out there.


It's not too hard on the bank account

What happens when you choose a destination which is cheap? That's right, you can stay for longer and spend your money on more than just flights, accommodation and food. Make the most of your time in the UK and get out and about with your extra spending money.


We've quite the reputation for sports...

Perhaps you have heard of Manchester United? How about the Grand National? The Clipper Race? Tour de France? (Really, we've hosted that too). The North is home to world class teams and a full calendar of events.

Northerners place a great sense of identity on their teams and football, rugby and cricket are particularly popular. Soak in the atmosphere at a local match and cheer along with the locals. too.

Not to boast, but the North is pretty darn good when it comes to music. Some of the best bands in the world come from here (the Beatles, anyone?) and our festivals attract the most famous artists around. Leeds Festival, Creamfields not to mention the smaller, niche festivals that happen each summer across the region. Jazz, classical, folk are also well represented here so there really is something for everyone.


It's a beautiful place...

The North of England has stunning scenery. The Lake District is perhaps the most well-known beauty spot but the Yorkshire Dales are absolutely worth a visit too. Just take a look at the Yorkshire Dales photos here  and tell me your feet don't itch to visit!


...that inspires some of the finest literary minds

William Wordsworth, the Bronte sisters, Beatrix Potter, JRR Tolkien are to name but a few of the great names which have ties to the North of England. It is even rumoured that Shakespeare passed a month or two in the North, staying at Rufford Old Hall in Ormeskirk during his "lost years". With a landscape that can be brooding and dramatic or the picture-perfect country scene, many an author, playwright and poet has found their creative spark while in the North.


with culture...

Culture comes in many forms and along with the museums, art galleries and theatres that you might expect, you can enjoy a thriving nightlife and student vibe in cities like Newcastle, Liverpool and Leeds.


...and a sense of its own history

The North has a proud heritage and it's a must to visit if you have any interest in the past. Those who like Roman history would do well to see the likes of Chester and Hadrian's Wall. Or perhaps you prefer a good, solid castle? Bamburgh Castle in Northumberland is "the king of castles". York was once the Viking capital of the UK and the Jorvik Viking Centre is a brilliant place to pass an afternoon. From Stone age to the present day, the North has it covered.


So, how about it? Have you been tempted? When you're choosing where to study English, remember there is more to your experience than the classroom and remember the North of England.


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