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"There is no better way to learn English then to spend some time in a country where you can practice it". That is what my English teacher said since my fifth grade. First I did not believe that this sentence is true but now I know it definitely is.

My name is Manal Mesdouri, I am a student from Germany and I visited Liverpool and the LILA* language school in October 2017.

At the beginning of my trip, I had no idea about LILA*. LILA* offered us to stay in host families which was a very good experience to improve my English skills and to know how the lifestyle of English people is.
Being in Liverpool for two weeks made me make a step further into responsibility.

Well first, I was very excited to visit Liverpool and I thought that school would bore me but then I was impressed. The first day I entered the room I saw people from different countries. It was like being in a place where everybody from every nation is. In short: “It was a multicultural place“. Comparing this school to my school, I recognized big differences. The teachers were not just teaching the language but created a good learning atmosphere so that learning and improving English became much easier. Furthermore, they had very good teaching methods, which were very effective. At any time and if there was a problem we could talk to the people working there. They were very nice and helpful. I have enjoyed meeting people from all over the world and practicing my English with them during lunch times and activities.

Moreover, LILA* organized many exciting trips, so that you can discover the multicultural city. From visiting Chester to game nights, everything was included in the program of LILA*. The school was not just a place for learning and improving my English skills but also more a place where I found new friends and discovered the English culture.

I can recommend this experience to everybody because the most important thing that I learned in LILA* and in Liverpool is that I never have to forget: even though we are all different, the thing that unites us is communication. You become a part of a society even if you are just for a particular time there. This is why I want to share my experience with other students while being responsible for a blog.

Manal Mesdouri

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