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Studying abroad to the UK packing checklist

Packing should be an exciting part of your experience but sometimes it can be stressful.  We’ve put together a list of things that we think you should pack for your study abroad trip.  This list is not exhaustive but should used as a guide.  How many of everything you bring depends on how long you plan to study abroad for.  Don’t forget that you can purchase items in the UK should you need them.


Important documents

  • Passport and/ID
  • Money (it’s a good idea to bring some local currency with you – not too much, £200 should be enough for the first few days/week)
  • Course confirmation with the school/ accommodation address



  • 4 * tee shirts
  • 3 * jeans / trousers
  • Shorts (summer only – July – September)
  • Jumpers
  • Heavy winter coat (November – March)
  • 1-3 pairs Shoes / trainers
  • Cold weather gear (hat, gloves, scarf - November – March)
  • 4 * long sleeves tops
  • Jacket
  • Sweatshirt/hoodie
  • Under garments (enough for 2 weeks)
  • Pyjamas / loungewear



  • Toothbrush & paste
  • Deodorant
  • Shampoo/conditioner
  • Body wash
  • Make-up (if required)
  • Hair brush
  • Medication – if required



  • Travel adapter
  • Bath towels
  • Phone & charger
  • School bag/back pack
  • Laptop/tablet


NB This list is not exhaustive but suggestions about what to bring 

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