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Study Abroad Experience in Liverpool

Liverpool might not be student’s first choice to study English but it is definitely giving other major language destinations a run for their money. LILA*’s video of Liverpool captures the positive atmosphere at the school and the diversity of the great city.

Liverpool is a great student city with lots to keep students of all age groups entertained. With more museums and galleries than any other city outside London, Liverpool has a lot to offer, and most of them are free!


LILA* Liverpool offers a great study environment with accommodation for students easily accessible by walking or regular buses. The school is located in the city centre so students have access to all that Liverpool has to offer - shopping, independent boutique, cafes and bars.


Enjoy studying English with LILA* and get involved with everything that we have to offer, including social activities and interactive lessons – Love to learn with LILA*

Find out more about our courses here and what Liverpool has to offer you

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