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St Patrick's Day in Liverpool

Friday 17th March is St Patrick's Day! Liverpool has many links with Ireland and approximately 75% of people from Liverpool have Irish heritage, so it is no surprise that St Patrick's Day is a cause for celebration in Liverpool.

As well as there being many Irish people (or those with Irish descent) in Liverpool, many people also travel to Liverpool to celebrate the holiday. St Patrick's Day, or 'Paddy's Day' as it's known, is always a great day to meet new people and experience the Irish culture (and maybe sample a Guiness!)

Here's some Irish vocabulary to get your Paddy's Day off to a craic-ing start!

  • Craic (pronounced 'Crack') - a good time/fun - "It was great craic"
                               - a way to greet friends & ask how they are - "What's the craic?"
  • How's the form? - How are you?
  • Class/Grand - really good - "That's pure class", "That's grand"
  • Ma and Da - Mum and Dad
  • On the lash - to go out for drinks - "Do you want to go on the lash?"
  • Aye (pronounced 'I') - yes
  • The black stuff - Guinness - "Can I have a pint of the black stuff please?" 
    (Guinness is Ireland's most famous drink & is always popular on St Patrick's Day)
  • Donkey's years - a very long time - "I haven't seen you for donkey's years!"
  • Fair play - well done or ok - "Fair play mate" 

There's lots happening in Liverpool such as a parade, live music, celebrations in the many Irish pubs in the city centre, an Irish play and a comedy show, all to celebrate the Patron Saint of Ireland! Check out the events here.

Join LILA* on our social programme to go to an Irish pub at 2.30pm on Friday afternoon to celebrate!


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