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Q&A with LILA*’s Accommodation and Welfare Officer

Tell us about your job role at LILA*
I have two job roles at LILA*. I am the Accommodation Officer, which involves recruiting new host families and new accommodation providers, placing students in their preferred choice of building and also assisting with day to day queries and changes in Accommodation that students might have.

I am also Welfare Officer, so I am the person that students can come to if they have any concerns or problems. I am always in the office and everyone is more than welcome to come and speak to me at any time of the day! I ensure that all the students are safe and happy whilst they are at LILA*, so they can really enjoy their time here.

What made you want to work in this role?
Having completed my CELTA qualification, I really wanted to work in an international school environment, which is always busy and every day is different. I had heard great things about LILA* and applied for the job as soon as I could! 

What is the best part of working as Accommodation Officer at LILA*?
My job varies from day to day, which I love. I get to go out and meet both new and existing host families and build up great relationships. My job is demanding, but it is equally rewarding, and helping students is the best part of the job; to see them happy and enjoying their time in Liverpool is fantastic! The school is vibrant and relaxed, it’s a great place to work and a great place for the students to work hard and gain invaluable experiences to take home with them.

Tell us about the new studio accommodation VITA
I LOVE VITA studios! I wish I could live there! VITA have high quality studio apartments that are amazing value for the price that we offer exclusively to our students. The VITA team are extremely helpful and hold a lot of social events. They have a gym and even a gaming and film area! Having friends around? They have a communal kitchen and dining area for big groups so you can cook some nice food and get together in a great area of the building! If you are interested in having a tour before you make your decision please come and see me in the office.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself
My great great great great Grandad, Alex Latta played for Everton Football Club…..although I am a massive Liverpool supporter!


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