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My day of Ramadan

Thanks to my lovely Facebook friends I have been challenged to fast for 18 hours! I have decided to keep a diary of the day so people can see how I get on. 

6:30am: It’s wake up time and surprisingly I don’t feel hungry at all. I am feeling positive and ready for the day ahead, determined to achieve my challenge.

9:30am: My usual cup of tea time! I am starting to realise that this is going to be hard and keeping busy is key to not thinking about how hungry I am. This really is a good way to discipline yourself.

12:30pm: Lunch time, I knew this would be the hardest part of the day. The smell of everyone’s lunch around me makes it so tempting to go and grab something to eat from the shop downstairs.

2:00pm: I have realised that doing Ramadan in the UK must be so much harder for students as a lot of people around you are eating and drinking. The days are also a lot longer here and I know I still have a long way to go. The LILA* Team give me some encouraging words to keep going, which picks my mood up.

4:30pm: On the bus journey home from work. I had never realised before just how many food signs and adverts there are – today I counted them. There were 12!

6:00pm: I have started to forget about the hunger and now I am feeling very tired and dehydrated. My positivity has gone and I have to take a short nap. I had never noticed how much I rely on food and drink during the day and how I take it for granted. This is something I am definitely going to take from this experience.

8:30pm: Not long left now. I am determined to finish this challenge! I am dreaming of all the different foods I can eat when the sun sets and how much water I am going to drink.

10:50pm: I have completed my day of fasting! I feel so happy, proud and grateful. This day has taught me a lot about how you can achieve something if you put your mind to it. Fasting for 18 hours has been a lot, lot harder than I first thought and shows true determination and discipline. It has been great to get a better understanding about Ramadan and share this special time with friends and students. 

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