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Meeting the Mayor, Anna Rothery

A fantastic blog entry by student, Noa Seguro Perez, who studied with LILA* for 3 weeks with the Vigo Group from Spain:

"The last Monday, 5 students and me went to visit the Mayor of Liverpool, Anna Rothery.  When we entered at the Town Hall I was excited to meet the Mayor, but the Town Hall was so beautiful that I could stop thinking about it for a minute.  There were lots of things to see there - it was really amazing! There were many things made of gold and also armour.

We were only 5 minutes in the entrance because the Mayor was waiting for us.  Anna Rothery received us warmly in a room with sofas, where we could all sit.  She was wearing a very valuable piece of jewellery that she only wears at official events during the day.  She told us that she has to be always with unless one bodyguard but at the night she has to wear another piece of jewellery, made of diamonds, and really important because if someone stole it, it would be the end for Liverpool because it's irreplaceable so she has to be with two bodyguards.

We gave her some typical presents from Spain and Vigo's flag, she loved them.  She was very nice with us and told us everything we wanted to know.  She told us that she loves her work but needs a lot of effort because she works everyday, meetings, events, and a lot of things more.  The most difficult part of her work are the meetings, because not all the people thinks the same and she has to put order.  She loves meeting people and knowing about them.  

Finally, one of the guards called Andy made us a very fast tour of the Town Hall.  He explained us everything, but, Anna had to go to a meeting so we had to be very quick.  We saw the ballroom (the smaller and the bigger).  A room with armors, the parlament and some important furniture.  It was really amazing and beautiful.

I'd love to go there another time because I just adore everything I saw.

I need to say thanks to LILA* for this incredible experience.  I recommend it to everyone."

Noa Seguro Perez (Student October 2019) 

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