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We always aim to be one step ahead in order to provide an innovative, exciting learning experience for international students. With the internet and social media being an integral part of daily life, we have developed our services for both students and agents and we are making our mark on the online world.

 The first, most inclusive and flexible addition, comes in the form of online lessons. Previously launched in 2016 using Skype lessons, we are now working with Tutorbranch, a brand new online platform designed for a real-life lesson experience. The platform includes an interactive whiteboard, document sharing, online messenger and video chat which is suitable for individual students or small groups. The features of the platform allow LILA* teachers to have an interactive lesson with students in real-time, meaning it is as close as possible to a lesson that takes place at the school. This is an exciting development as it enables distance learning for students who are unable to travel to the UK to study English. There is also the opportunity for Blended Learning, with students combining online lessons with a course at LILA*. See more about our online lessons here.



We have also launched a brand new junior programme for summer 2017; LILA* Junior Digital Academy. The course combines 15 hours General English + 9 hours Digital Academy per week. It has been specially developed to introduce students to the world of web development with HTML coding, animation, gaming, virtual reality and 3D printing, as well as helping students improve their English skills. Each week there will also be a workshop with an inspirational talk from someone in the industry or a workshop at a local hub or makerspace. This is the perfect opportunity for young learners to learn and develop a new skill in coding. Limited places are available throughout July and August, contact us to book your place now! 


Building upon the success of the many Fam Trips that visit LILA* each year, it was clear that the next step would be to introduce a Virtual Fam Trip for agents who are unable to travel and join the inward missions. We have created the Virtual Fam Trip showcasing our school and the city centre location including key tourist spots such as the Liver Building, the waterfront, the Albert Dock and Liverpool One shopping district. The Virtual Fam Trip is an innovative way for agents to experience a real-life visit to the school and city, without having to leave their office! It’s also an ideal way for students to see what LILA* can offer them both during their studies and their time living in Liverpool. Take a look at LILA*’s Virtual Fam Trip here.


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