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Leanne's Day of Ramadan

On Wednesday I fasted for the day so that I could experience, in a small way, what it was like for our friends, students, colleagues and partners who observe Ramadan here in the UK.  It was challenging and rewarding in equal measures.  I loved getting up at 4am; the birds were singing and the house was lovely and quiet, it was so nice to see that time of day.  I’m not sure I would feel the same if I had to do it for a whole month however and eating so early meant that I was really hungry by 10am.


By the end of the day I was feeling tired, hungry and thirsty but also proud that I’d done it.  I am so full of respect and admiration for the people who observe Ramadan every year, especially here where the days are long and especially when they are at LILA* looking after our younger students, which is not the easiest job to start with.      


So, to everyone reading this who is also observing Ramadan I wish you a peaceful and joyous month.


Check out my video diary if you want to see how I got on:

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