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Top tips to improve your studying

Top tips to improve your study of English

Here at LILA*, we always encourage students to spend time practising their English out of the classroom as well as in their lessons. Immersing yourself in English culture and speaking with native people is a great way to improve your studying and to increase your confidence with the English language. However there are also lots of things you can do to help with your studying, here are our top tips to improve your study of English: 


  1.      Improve your variety of vocabulary by looking for synonyms for words practised in class.
  2.      Sit with someone who speaks a different language to you in class so you have more possibility of practising English.
  3.      Don’t worry about not understanding every word in exam texts; examiners don’t expect you to know everything.
  4.      Get creative with your vocabulary. Draw picture, write examples or word family charts to help you remember the lists of words that you write in class.
  5.      Try not to be shy in class and have a go at talking to other people, remember that they feel shy and embarrassed too.
  6.      Study little but often!
  7.      Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Everybody learns a language in different ways and different times so don’t compare yourself with other students.
  8.      Using a good dictionary will help you to use vocabulary more accurately.
  9.      Translating vocabulary on your phone will quite often give you bad examples and wrong information. Why not use your English to ask another student or your teacher?
  10.     Make recordings of yourself every couple of weeks and over time you will see how you have improved and what still needs more work.

What helps you learn English or another foreign language? Do you have any top tips for learning a new language?

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  • Hannah Avatar


    The more you expose yourself to the language the more you will learn. You may not be able to produce or be as exact as you want to be, but by watching series or films in English you will realise that you are able to understand more and more as time goes on.

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