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Studying on the CELTA Course at LILA*

The four weeks I spent with LILA* studying for my CELTA were amongst some of the most intense of my life - not for nothing are you told, before you begin the course, to 'clear your diary of EVERYTHING for the next month...'.

Since I had no previous classroom experience, having to 'teach' as early as Day 2 was daunting - the course, however, is very carefully designed to lead you step-by-step through the four weeks, and assignments and teaching practice are always marked taking into account where you are expected to be at any given stage. Having four written tasks to also complete meant that not even weekends were free and, about ten days in, everyone in my group was feeling the pressure. We got great support, though, from Jim, Andy & Cristina, our tutors, and I always felt I had plenty of help to call on when required, which was often the case!

Eventually, we all grew into the course and actually came to enjoy our Teaching Practices, and our two sets of students were appreciative of our efforts and accommodating to our relative inexperience.

Enjoyable? Probably not until it was all over, and we'd all passed...     Memorable - absolutely!!!


Jon Wimpeney (Previous CELTA Student)

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