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Idiom of The Week - Cricket!

People in Liverpool love sport and we are most famous for our football teams - Liverpool FC and Everton.

However, did you know that our national sport is Cricket? Cricket was invented in England in the 16th Century and we’ve been playing it ever since!

 In honour of the cricket world cup, here are some of our favourite idioms which come from the sport of cricket. 

“It’s not cricket”

Meaning – Something is not good behaviour / is unfair

Example – He ate all the cake and didn’t give me any! It’s just not cricket! 

“to hit someone for six”

Meaning – surprise or shock someone

Example – We had a surprise party for my friend, it hit her for six! 

“to have a good innings”

Meaning – To live for a long time

Examples – My great-grandmother was 100 years old when she died. She had a good innings. 

“to be stumped”

Meaning – To not know what to do / unable to solve a problem

Example - I couldn't answer question 6 in my exam, I was stumped! 

Try using these idioms with native speakers, and visit one of Liverpool’s parks to try playing cricket yourself! 

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