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Jim, the main CELTA course tutor at LILA*, answers the frequently asked questions about the CELTA course.

What is the difference between CELTA and TEFL/TESOL? 

Essentially, CELTA and TESOL courses are much the same. They are externally moderated 120 - 130 hour courses with observations, teaching practice and assignments. Whilst the training undertaken by CELTA tutors is more rigorous than for TESOL, in both cases a minimum of a Diploma level qualification or Masters’ level is required.

TEFL is different though. TEFL is a term used to describe the industry as a whole. Whilst there are undoubtedly many very reputable TEFL providers, there are fewer regulatory bodies governing the centres that offer these courses. As a result, it is difficult to say which TEFL courses provide a worthwhile certificate and which do not. There is no regulation of the training required of the tutors so it is impossible to say how much experience, or indeed what qualifications, your tutor would have.

If you want a qualification that is internationally recognised and essentially worth the paper it is printed on, choose CELTA or TESOL.

What can I expect from the CELTA course?

The CELTA course is very intensive, but hopefully enjoyable and rewarding. It runs from 9am to 6pm (at the latest) each day. You can also expect to have some evening and weekend work. We are, of course, on hand to help you out at all times including weekends when we are contactable by email. Candidates are shown a variety of teaching methodologies and practices which they can try out with real students. You teach a total of 6 hours and observe 6 hrs of lessons by qualified teachers. You are also required to write 4 assignments which form a part of the overall assessment. Although the course is a foundation level course, by the end of the course you are qualified to teach in any language school around the world. We provide help and support finding a job and are more than happy to be contacted for advice beyond the course. We act as a referee for those seeking work.

Where can I teach with this qualification/where is this qualification recognised?

CELTA is an internationally recognised teaching qualification. There are a few schools around the world that require teachers to have the next level of qualification after CELTA but these are few and far between. The vast majority of schools, especially the more reputable ones which are accredited by the major accrediting bodies, all accept CELTA as a qualification to teach in their schools.

Why should I choose LILA* to take the CELTA course?

Unlike many other schools offering this course, we are available to offer advice and help in the evenings and over the weekends. This has proven to be extremely useful for candidates who have questions about the lessons they are planning or the assignments they are writing and would rather not wait 2 days to get an answer.

We have a rigorous application and interview process to ensure that no individual is accepted onto the course if we do not believe they are capable of ultimately passing. We are not in the business of simply filling spaces and taking people’s money. Candidates invest a great deal of time, energy and money on the course; we do not want them to waste any of this. We encourage potential candidates to visit the school and have a chat with us before they are interviewed to ensure we are the right establishment for them and they have what is required to successfully pass the course.

We are available to act as referees and to offer help and advice beyond the course. It is not uncommon to receive requests for help years after a candidate finishes. We are always happy to help with this. We can also arrange for candidates to continue their observations of experienced teachers beyond the course.

We also have a very well-established teaching staff many of whom have taught in a variety of countries around the world. This means we are able to offer advice for those seeking to work abroad. 


For more information or to book your place on the CELTA course, please visit our CELTA page here.

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  • LILA Team Avatar

    LILA Team

    Hi Sid, that is great to hear you are interested in joining the CELTA course at LILA*! For more information, please email or visit our CELTA page here:
    Thanks, LILA Team

  • Yolanda Avatar


    Hi All,
    I have been interested in CELTA and getting on to a course such as you offer for quite a while now and am delighted to find that there is an opportunity in Liverpool to eventually do just that.
    Since English is not my first language, I am just wondering if I would have to have any specific qualifications before entering such a course.

    Kind Regards

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