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FCE.CAE June 2015 infographic

Cambridge FCE and CAE exam successes at LILA*!

Are you hoping to pass your Cambridge Exam this year? This blog highlights the results of the June 2015 FCE and CAE examinations and shows why you should book a Cambridge Exam Preparation Course at LILA*!

Overall CAE/FCE pass rate for June 2015


As you can see, LILA* students outperformed non-LILA* candidates by 37% in their Cambridge exams in June 2015.

CAE pass rate



Far more candidates who attended an exam preparation course at LILA* passed the CAE exam than candidates who didn't attend a course at LILA*. Well done!

FCE pass rate



Similar results were seen for the FCE exam, too. 100% of LILA* students passed their FCE exam. 50% of non-LILA* candidates didn’t achieve a pass. Do you think this could have been improved by attending a course at LILA*?

Reading and Listening improvement of LILA* students

Reading and listening seems to be tricky for most exam candidates. Luckily, studying on an exam preparation course at LILA* can help to greatly improve these skills. Remember that 60% is the pass rate!








Extra special features of LILA*’s Cambridge Exam Preparation courses include:

  1. Each preparation course provides all students with authentic exam practice papers in exam conditions on a weekly basis.
  2. Exam  development booklets are available which will allow students to review their study skills, get ideas about how to organise        vocabulary, record their practice test results, and learn about the exam content, too.
  3. In the run up to the exam all students are given the opportunity to have a full Speaking Mock Test with experienced Senior Teachers who make detailed notes which are then given back to the student in an in-depth feedback session.

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*Results are based solely on Cambridge First (FCE) and Advanced (CAE) June 2015 examination results.

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