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Business Mandarin Club: What to Expect?

LILA*'s new Business Mandarin Club is launching on 22nd April 2021. This 10-week course aims to give you a head start when it comes to building relationships and opportunities in Chinese target markets, by exploring the cultures and traditions of this fascinating and diverse country.

Rina Sowler, the course tutor, answers some frequently asked questions about Business Mandarin Club:

How will the Business Mandarin Club help improve my skills?

Business Mandarin club will help you establish a comprehensive understanding of the Mandarin language structure. This will help you develop and improve skills such as listening, speaking, reading and writing. Each week you will be encouraged to practise these skills through practical situational pair work and individual presentations. For example, in week one you will be able to introduce yourself and what you do, you will also learn how to ask your partners’ names politely. In week three you will learn dinner manners and Chinese etiquette! The classes review all four skills through various topics to build up your vocabulary and your confidence to speak in Mandarin.

What topics will you focus on?

There are 10 proposed topics covering some important and practical aspects in business environments such as the use of WeChat. We will also explore innovative topics that our learners bring to the club which include #VirtualCities, #SpaceTechnology and #Foodmap!

Will I meet other people?

You will meet some inspiring and well-connected and like-minded entrepreneurs who are champions, pioneers and masters in their own professions.

How will my language skills be improved?

You will be able to introduce yourself confidently and to type in Chinese Characters by using PINYIN for independent study. You will be able to understand the internationally recognised Chinese language proficiency qualification test HSK Level 1 audio mock tests for further learning. 

If you're interested in joining the Business Mandarin Club, please contact us at

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