Juniors 001

Life at LILA* Juniors

Key Information

At LILA* we class students aged 12-17 as our junior students. These students can only travel as part of a closed group with a group leader (unless aged 16/17 and have chosen to study as a young adult on an adult course). During their time with us they will study in their own private group only ever potentially mixing with other junior students. Although we also have adult classes running at LILA*, the classes are kept separate and juniors are supervised by Group Leaders and LILA* staff during staggered break times.


Safeguarding for Juniors

  • Attend activities pre-arranged by either LILA* or their Group Leader. Limited unsupervised free time may be granted if deemed appropriate.
  • Will be provided with a travel pass and will make their own way to and from school/accommodation. LILA* transfers to accommodation will be provided after evening activities.
  • Will be in junior groups.
  • Will be fully supervised during scheduled activities. When not on a scheduled activity, juniors must be with their Group Leaders or Homestay host unless limited unsupervised free time has been agreed.
  • Must book an airport transfer with LILA*.
  • Must not go out alone or with friends in the evening unless on a scheduled activity.
  • Must not stay overnight anywhere but their allocated accommodation.
  • Must not buy or consume alcohol, cigarettes or other illegal substances.


Additional level of care

Our juniors safety is our top priority. While they are travelling with their own group leaders we also offer an additional level of care including:

  • Junior focused induction on arrival.
  • Weekly welfare checks with safeguarding team. Along with a personal tutor if needed.
  • 1:1 appointments can be made with Safeguarding team for private matters or concerns.
  • Access to 24 hour Safeguarding telephone number.
  • Coloured lanyards highlighting junior status to LILA* staff.
  • Parent contact details obtained to ensure regular contact if needed/usually via the Group Leader.
  • Dedicated safeguarding team in the school:

Victoria Bligh

Simone Amaglio

Jim Pearson

As soon as a junior course is booked their parent/guardian will be provided with our Junior Welcome Pack. This gives students and parents all the key information about:

  • Preparing for your trip
  • What to expect on arrival
  • Parental agreement
  • Student code of conduct
  • Time at LILA* - course, accommodation & activities
  • Life in the UK

You can view our Junior Welcome Pack here.