Accommodation for students under 18


For any students under 18 years old who are studying at LILA*, please check the below information regarding maximum stay in accommodation.

  • Homestay students are charged at a £20 per week supplement when under 18.
  • Residence students MUST have a chaperone.
  • Additional nights are permitted to allow for flight availability but the stay MUST NOT exceed 27 nights.
  • A BOOKING CANNOT BE SPLIT TO PERMIT A STAY LONGER THAN 3 WEEKS. E.g. a 5 week booking of 3 weeks in Homestay and 2 weeks in residence.
  • *LILA* may accept an 11 year-old as part of a group booking, subject to an extra risk assessment. The child would stay in accommodation with their parent(s),
    or a group leader with an evidenced police check, for a maximum of 26 nights. Or the parent(s) may book their own risk-assessed accommodation arrangement.
    **LILA* may make available a limited number of private foster care, under which Junior students can stay for longer (subject to availability)


Residence - En-suite Bathroom


Please check the Accommodation pages for prices