Host Family Testimonials

“Well where do I start? Firstly I think it’s such a rewarding experience for the whole family learning to share your cultural experiences and also having a great pride in introducing them to our wonderful city, Liverpool.”

-Maria, LILA* host since 2008. Read more of Maria’s testimonial in the host recruitment guide here

“I am loving hosting the students, my first student Khalid was hard as he didn’t speak English at all and could not at first understand me.  We soon built up a relationship and had a laugh in our own way.  He was a lovely kind and caring young man and loved learning at Lila I am sure he will come back to you.  Marina from Spain was also great and she made me laugh every day, it seems I am making many friends as they have both kept in touch since leaving. I now have a Korean young man Jiwan, he has been with me since Saturday I am learning so much talking with him and he too is enjoying being in my home, so all is good.”


“We began hosting in October 2013 after our friend Judith told us about LILA and explained how much she had enjoyed hosting students. Since that time we’ve welcomed 25 different students from 13 nations into our home in Garston and have really loved the whole experience.”

-Andy & Sue