Business English

A Levels

Two-year A Level Course

This course is for students who have appropriate GCSE or equivalent qualifications On this course you will:

  • Study three to four A Levels in Year One; optional to take AS examinations at the end of Year One
  • Continue to study three of your chosen subjects at A Level in Year Two

Eighteen-month A Level Course

This course is for students who have appropriate GCSE or equivalent qualifications, or who have previously studied AS Levels. Students will start in January and will complete their exams in June the following year.

One-year A Level Course

This course is for students who have previously studied AS or A Levels and wish to improve their grades. An exceptionally bright student may be able to take this course without any previous A Level background.

The Academic Structure

Our academic structure is divided into four schools where students benefit from expert teaching from specialists in each area


  • School of Sciences

Our passion for innovation and scientific advancement ensures our students are well-prepared and equipped for their careers in science, in their chosen field of study. We’re proud to play our part in educating the world’s future healthcare professionals, scientists and engineers.


  • School of Humanities and Social Sciences

Study of the Humanities and Social Sciences gives us a deep understanding of the human and cultural aspect of the world we live in and is a key part of a balanced education, creating thoughtful and active citizens of the future who will make a positive impact on society.


  • School of Modern Languages

The study of languages has never been more relevant in an era of global communication where fluency and dexterity in at least one foreign language is an invaluable skill. We develop students with a global outlook and an international mindset, ready to achieve their aspirations wherever in the world that may be.


  • School of Business and Management

Our students develop the skills and gain qualifications they need to unlock a wide range of local and global business and management opportunities. We nurture our students’ talents and provide the knowledge, experience and contacts that our students need to succeed in their specialist business areas.


Throughout the academic year each school runs Master Classes, brings in expert speakers, engages with the local business and university communities to ensure that students are exposed to a wide range of experiences, expertise, and positive influences all designed to expand their horizons and help them achieve their aspirations in life.

All subjects are available as two-year courses, many are also available as eighteen-month or one-year courses. One to one or small group tuition may be provided on request.