David Game College Liverpool

An exciting collaboration 

David Game College and LILA* Liverpool have joined forces to create a world-class college in the heart of Liverpool. Students choose from a focused range of A Levels or University Foundation Programmes both of which have the option of adding on an elite football coaching programme from the iconic Steven Gerrard Academy. 

Inspiring and enabling students to achieve their very best while developing an international mindset is at the heart of the College mission.

By pursuing a gold-standard education at David Game College Liverpool, students leave equipped with the qualifications, results and attitude that will allow them to reach their full potential in a globalised world.

Liverpool is the fastest growing city in the UK. There are 13 universities with over 216,960 students in the Liverpool catchment area including 25,000 core life science students. At the forefront of the musical, cultural and sporting life in the UK, Liverpool is an outward-facing, cosmopolitan city making it the perfect place to embark on your higher education career.

About the college

Established in 1974, David Game College is one of the most successful independent co-educational colleges in London.

Together, David Game College Liverpool, in partnership with Steven Gerrard Academy, bring a powerful combination to Liverpool providing students with a unique opportunity to pursue a gold-standard British education in a contemporary setting.

We specialise in preparing students for university entry by providing an extensive range A Level and University Foundation Programmes and focusing on examination success.

We teach students from 16 years plus (must be non-compulsory school age) in small classes of between 8 and 15 students per class. Students choose David Game College Liverpool because of the quality teaching and the high level of individual attention and support they receive here.

At David Game College Liverpool we take great pride in our ability to cater for all educational backgrounds. Our tutors have high expectations, so all students – including the most able – are stretched intellectually and encouraged to aim high. If students are capable of entering the most competitive degree courses and the most prestigious universities, they have an excellent chance of being successful.

We are proud of our students who achieve top grades, but we are also committed to raising the level of students of differing abilities. We recognise that A Level grade C, for example constitutes a major underachievement for some students, while being a justified cause for celebration in others.

For many students, David Game College Liverpool represents the beginning of a new chapter in their lives. Whether a first step on their world-class British educational journey or a fresh start from underachievement in a previous school or college, their experience at the College will give them the launchpad to the success they deserve.

The College is situated in New Barratt House on North John Street, within 5 minutes’ walk of James St Station, Paradise Street Bus Station and 10 minutes’ walk of Central and Lime St Stations. It occupies around 4,500 square mt, the purpose-built, design-led College filled with natural light and an airy open-plan design. The inspiring learning environment is filled with art and each classroom has an individual theme centred around the culture and heritage of Liverpool. Two large common rooms are equipped with kitchen areas, a ping pong table, a foosball table and large screen Smart TVs perfect for students to relax and make friends.

Designated ‘Quiet Areas’ provide students with space to work and focus. These can be accessed on an ad-hoc basis or students can book in a time to think and concentrate on the tasks in hand.

The open-plan design and glass walls of the College were designed so that the staff and students get to know each other and to foster the nurturing environment that the College is famous for. Students are encouraged to talk to Academic and Support staff about any issues that may arise during their time at the College.

Our vision is that we inspire and enable our students to ‘love to learn’ and by creating an open and exciting environment.

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