Why History?

A Level History is a highly respected subject and is placed on the Russell Group’s list of ‘facilitating’ subjects. You will gain many valuable skills throughout the duration of the A Level, which are useful in an array of career paths. At the end of the course, you will be able to locate facts, identify truth, understand different societies and cultures and present your findings in a way that makes sense to others. Studying History could lead to a career in the police force, government, media, teaching, museums and galleries, heritage organisations and many more.

About the course

During this course you will examine the economic, social, political and cultural issues of different eras. You will learn to analyse and understand large amounts of information and identify the important data that is relevant to the question you are dealing with. Studying A Level History will teach you how to analyse, reflect and debate in writing and verbally.


  • University
  • Higher/Degree Apprenticeship
  • Employment