English Literature

English Lit

Why English Literature?

A Level English Literature is a highly respected subject and is placed on the Russell Group’s list of ‘facilitating’ subjects. An English Literature A Level will thoroughly prepare you for degree courses in English Literature, Sociology, History, Psychology, Law and even Drama and Theatre studies. A good grade will open up opportunities to work in journalism, publishing, politics, teaching and business. There are many transferable skills that you will develop in the duration of your study such as interpretive abilities, communication, understanding how language works, analysis and the ability to construct a fully developed argument.

About the course

A Level English Literature will cover a variety of modern and historical poetry, drama and prose from many influential writers such as Shakespeare, Oscar Wilde, John Betjeman and many more. You will be expected to explore your own interests and students must have an enthusiasm to read around texts. You will develop skills in critical thinking as there are often no ‘correct’ responses to issues or questions. You will be open minded and willing to hear others opinions in order to construct an appropriate response. The course will delve into many of life’s fundamental themes: love, loneliness, prejudice, bravery and perseverance.


  • University
  • Higher/Degree Apprenticeship
  • Employment