Why Chemistry?

A Level Chemistry is a highly respected subject and is placed on the Russell Group’s list of ‘facilitating’ subjects. This subject is a key choice for those who want to pursue a career in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, biochemistry and similar subjects. Chemistry is often described as the ‘central science’ and is an admired qualification for many degrees and careers. Studying this subject will demonstrate to future employers that you have enthusiasm and the commitment to work hard.

About the course

Study of Chemistry will cover a wide variety of foundational concepts, for example the structure of the atom, patterns in the Periodic Table, how to control reactions and understanding carbon-based molecules. Chemistry is involved in everything we do and the majority of your life is influenced by many aspects of it. Chemistry is now more important than ever, and will allow you to answer many questions such as what can we do about global warming and how will people be affected when oil runs out?


  • University
  • Higher/Degree Apprenticeship
  • Employment