A day in the life

The college day starts at 0850 with registration. Students check in with their personal tutor for ten minutes at the start of every day. The day runs from 0850 to 1630. On Monday and Friday morning students have the option to attend a mindfulness meditation session followed by a yoga class, giving them the opportunity to start and end the week with a healthy, balanced body and mind.

A typical day is split into four periods of 1.5 hours allowing students lots of time in class to take a deep dive into their subjects while taking regular breaks giving them time to reset.

We give students 4.5 hours a week lesson time per subject which, coupled with the small class sizes, gives them maximum opportunity to reach their full potential in their chosen subjects. We also factor in plenty of opportunity for self-study which students are encouraged to do within the college day when teachers and support staff are on hand to help out.

Example Timetable

Weekends at LILA*

Sixth Form students have the option to join international students from LILA*’s English Language school on excursions exploring the cities and countryside of the region. Trips to the stunning Lake District, the castles of North Wales, the ancient cities of York and Chester and overnight trips to London and Edinburgh keep students entertained all year round.

Weekends At LILA