Cambridge FCE + CAE Exam Preparation

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Course Summary

Hours per week:
Hours per day:
9am-12.15pm Monday to Friday
Start date:
Any Monday
Course length:
Flexible / minimum 1 week

Cambridge FCE and CAE Exam Preparation LILA

Cambridge English offer a wide range of exams which can help you achieve your goals and increase your opportunities for work, study, and life.

Our Cambridge Exam Preparation courses are full time at 15 hours per week. You will be guided through a variety of strategies to help you realise your potential in your chosen Cambridge exam. You will focus on all parts of the exam - reading, writing, listening, speaking, and use of English – as well as exam techniques and academic style. LILA*'s Cambridge Exam Preparation courses are intended to develop the necessary language skills required to pass the exam. As well as the core course material you may also have the opportunity for authentic exam practise with previous Cambridge exam papers.

More detailed information on course and level descriptions can be found here

For information on requirements for deposits, payment of fees and the refund policy, including the arrangements and deadlines for cancellations you can find our Terms and Conditions here.

Cambridge Exam Preparation courses are also available with 6, 8 and 12 week start dates on request. 


2018 Prices

1-4 weeks

£210 per week

5-10 weeks

£205 per week


£200 per week

20+ weeks

£195 per week

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NB Course fees include a LILA* level test, welcome pack and certificate upon completion.

Further Details

Hours per week 15 hours
Hours per day 3 hours
Timetable 9am-12.15pm / 2.45pm-6pm Monday to Friday
Minimum age 16/17 (with parental consent)
Start date Any Monday
Course length Flexible / minimum 1 week
Levels B2 CEFR (Upper Intermediate)
C1 CEFR (Advanced)
Maximum class size 15
Average class size 10-12
Nationality mix Multinational (fluctuates with seasons)
Personal Tutor Available on request
Additional charges Registration fee
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